Nazli after reading too many religious texts has become a pragmatic

Every year my dear professor "H", comes to class and complains of women’s lack of feminist consciousness. He then goes on giving us stats of different surveys taken in different places where tragically only very small percentage of women considered themselves to be feminists. In groups discussion people often blame this tragedy on the discriminations that exist against women who are feminists. The conclusion almost always: it is too costly to be a feminist, so people rather not announce their everlasting love for feminism.
The pragmatic Nazli wants to once and for all put and end to this stupid dispute. People are not crazy to lie to themselves in anonymous surveys. Most people don’t like the word feminism because they associate it with radical feminism and the problems associated. If you want to help the women’s right movement do you really give a damn what you are called. Call yourself, choghondar, do some work and stop nagging that nobody likes me because I am a feminist. This “f” word has done more harm than good…so get rid of it….