I am so ashamed of myself. I live in this little stupid world of mine and never see beyond. The self-centered idiot that I am never feels real pain. The irony of it all is that Roozbeh, Fershteh, and Omid had their own little stupid worlds. Now, that world is gone, and Mortazavi and his bullies have created a hell out of it. First they arrest them, torture them, made them make all sorts of confession, made them appear in front of camera, and confess even more.
Well, somehow they want to put pressure on the reformist front. The confessions are proving of that. They were asked to confess to sexual relationship with some key figures related to Khatami. So, arbitrary rule all over, they arrest innocent bloggers make their life a living hell, so that they can get back at their daddies. The daddies who are pro-reform, who are pro-existence of such people like Omid, who know what internet is, who are not from some stone age mindset of dos and don’ts, and who cannot do shit to help these innocent children. The daddies are powerless themselves; they are going to be down in the hole themselves in no time.
The funny thing is that Mortazavi is taking his damn business so seriously, that even he forgets that this was a game to get back at the daddies. So now, that the children have told the truth, he is going crazy, as if we haven’t had enough of him. So he calls his bullies and gives them instructions to ruin even more lives. Not that of Omid, Roozabeh, and Fershteh but everyone related to them. What is he? The modern Shaboon bi Mokh.
This is the reality of my country: arbitrary rule.
Human Rights Watch has issued an statement on this.
Read this BBC article, and then what Alpar has to say on the issue. They know much better than I….who am I after all with my stupid little world….and my stupid ridiculous problems.