Way to Go Boyd!!

من حرف حساب به فارسی نميتونم بزنم، ولی ميخواهم تلاش خودم رو بکنم. الان يک ساله که تو این استان اونتريو مساله دادگاهای شريعه است . خلاصه بگم که قانون اونتريو به دو نفر این حق رو ميده که اختلافتشون با کمک يک داور يا حکميت که خودشون خيلی دوستش دارن حل کن. این قانون وقت در مورده اختلافات مدنی هستش و کسی نميتونه اون رو در مورده مسائل جنائی و غيره استفاده کنه. يعنی اگه کسی مشکل ارث،پول،قرض، ملک مستأجر،ملک مالک و غيره داشت اگه دل خودش خواست و دل طرف مقابلم خواست ميتونه بره پيش ننه اش، يا آخوند، يا موبد، يا کشيش، و يا..... این بيشتر بدرد آدمهای ميخوره که آنيکی قانون بدردشون نميخوره. يعنی به دلايل مذهبی و فرهنگی قانون اونتاريو نميتونه به نيازشون پاسخ بده. مسيحيها و يهوديها يک عمره دارن از این قانون بهره ميبرن، حالا که نوبت مسلمان ها شده چندين گروه شاکی شدن: محافظه کارها ای غربی، چپی های غربی و شرقی، مسلمان های چپی و زنها. جالب این هست که اینها همگی جميعاً نگران حال زنها هستند و ميگن چون قوانين اسلامی در اقصی نقاط دنيا به زنها گند زدن این قانون رو کلّن بر دراريد که نه مسلمان ها بتونن سؤ استفاده کنن نه بقيه بتونن استفاده کنن. ولی همين ديروز دولت ليبرال اونتريو به همه اینها گفت زکی! به عبا رت ديگه دولت اونتريو قبول نکرد که ضد اسلام باشه. و چون من الان دارم جون ميکنم با این فارسی تايپ کردنم ، باقی رو به اینگيليسی بخوانيد
So what happened was that the government of Ontario appointed Marion Boyd to go and double check everything and find out whether the Sharia law within the construct of Arbitration Act is capable of screwing women, like its been done so in many Islamic governments. Well, who could have done this better than former Attorney-general Marion Boyd, the women is like the Mohammad-i Amin. What she’s found out was that, there are some slight problems within the Arbitration Act; however, using Muslim religious principles within Canadian court system is defiantly possible. She also asked everyone to stop calling it Sharia court, because these courts are only for civil disputes.
People who have been active against the Sharia courts have been motivated to do so differently, and have often been very biased.
The right winged conservatives are against it because they are generally against the presence of the other, the immigrant, the Muslim immigrant, the Muslim. Lets call this group Orientalists (yeah I am labeling…so what!). The good old argument of after September 11th things are balah balah blah is also valid here.
The left winged politicians are taking the side of those who vote for them: the immigrants from Muslim countries that have been often badly screwed by their former governments. Because of their bad experiences this self-oreintalizing group are saying that Islamic law has ruined the lives of many around the world, why are we to commit this suicide here in Canada.
The advocates were basically saying, I am a Muslim I would like to use my Sharia to resolve my civil disputes, Christians are doing it, Jews are doing it, why shouldn’t I?

What Marion Boyd said was that, the Islamic law within of Ontario’s very democratic court system is unlikely to screw anyone since it only includes civil matters and not criminal ones. “Muslim principles should be considered an acceptable method of religious arbitration as long as they do not violate Canadian law.” You can read what Boyd said in the media, and I am very proud of her because she did write a very fair report in the midst of the struggle between all these forces.