I saw Kinsey last night with my partner. Great movie! It got me thinking about monogamous relationships. Why is morality so keen on monogamy? What is the definition of a monogamous relationship? Is it simply defined by the boundaries of sexual intercourse?
I think one person cannot possibly satisfy all the needs of another person. I wake up everyday, have breakfast with my partner, leave home for my social engagements, come back home in the evening, have dinner with my partner, and if I am lucky we make love. During the time I am away from my partner I engage in these relationships with men and women of my society in which they all satisfy one or more of my needs. The need for love is one of them.
There is no mention of love in Kinsey’s research. He avoided love, because he was unable to measures it. However, most of the advocates of monogamy, define their moral boundaries based on love. You do not fuck your very charming co-worker because you do not want to hurt your lover. How about what goes on in the minds of people? How bout all those sexual fantasies we have of the long legged female prostitute in red. Or the beautiful kissing fantasy of the two men in your life you love the most. Or the heavy seducing flirtatious look upon your gay friend’s face that will never lead to sex.
I really think that this monogamous business is a load of crap. It is a social construct so that we can all be categorized into nuclear families that pass on their moralities to their children. Our eyes, our ears, our voice, our minds, and our bodies cheat on our monogamous partners everyday and we let it happen.