Jesus’ Sexuality!

Jesus comes to this world as the son of god. Mary is a virgin and thus had never had sex before having the baby. As the story goes Jesus himself never had sex, he only had one temptation and no one knows what exactly happened. It has been suggested that he was gay.
Jesus sexuality is for biblical historians to research, and they have done so. My point is that the guy is so asexual that you can only love him as your best friend, brother, or maybe the son of god. His baby face (as often depicted), his long brown hair, his innocent eyes…. who can dare and have a sexual thought on Jesus?
I am thinking maybe we Muslims made the horrible mistake of surfacing prophet’s and Imam’s sexualities. I guess people tend to associate sexuality with unholiness. This; however, is like the chicken and the egg story. Is sex unholy? Is religious morality responsible for making sex sinful?
The perception of Prophets in modern life is very similar to that of Hollywood celebrities. Those who sleep around, those who are against war, those who are pro-war, those who are spiritual, those who are having affairs, and those who do charitable work….they all have their own fans.