Bring It On!

This new public sphere that exists on the www, begs for analysis. In the past few weeks the Iranian community in the Diaspora has been very polarized and divided on the issue of “the referendum in Iran.” The advocates of this referendum are not welcoming much criticism. The fight between the two groups has been taken to the www public space particularly the weblogs. However, in this faceless private public people are capable of expressing their opinions anyway they want to. In the comments’ section of a prominent Iranian journalist/cartoonist/blogger you can find very interesting faceless comments. Some people choose to write on the issue anonymously, others adopt fake names, and some adopt fake identities. The purpose is to mock one another in issues related to referendum and beyond. This faceless mimicry and the mockery is only possible in this faceless private public space. As a person who has been participating as an anonymous faceless commenter I have to say: “I am lovin’ it babe!”