This Farid CBC, is quite a character. Thanks to him I enjoyed a drunken night at the CBC. When I came back home, Mosi had already thrown a party for himself. Aida and Arash were our over night guests due to some construction work in their apartment. Aida slept with me on the bed; she was too scared of our cockroaches. It was then that the bisexual me could not sleep the rest of the night and ended up observing Aida
Aida is so tiny that I felt like a Gorilla. She was so peaceful and she had all these choreographed stretch movements she did while she was sleeping. She would slowly stretch her arms towards the ceiling while moving her face away from her arms. She’d then smile and slowly frown and bring her hands down. It was as if she was sleep-dancing. I really sympathize with men who like beautiful women, I do too.