Golden Mustache

Sibiltala means golden mustache literary. From my Iranian parents, I inherited facial hair, a unibrow, the obesity gene, and very large bones. In my teenage years boys disfavored me (they still do), and I was advised by a peer that this is due to my mustache. So, one day I waxed my mustache off, plucked my unibrow, and I was not fat yet. So, it happened, a boy fell for me. The only problem was I was expelled from school for removing my facial hair. I was told to come back to school whenever my mustache is grown back
In the olden days in Iran, girls were not supposed to remove their facial hair before getting married. I thought to myself, no one is going to marry me with this tick mustache, I needed a solution
However, my first love had already shown interest and I knew it had something to do with me not having a mustache anymore. So I waited for the hairs to grow back and went back to school. From that day on, I bleached my facial hair every time I had to see my boyfriend and dyed it black every morning before going to school. The bleached mustache of mine had a golden blond color, hence the name: Sibiltala.