This weblog thing is quite an amazing phenomenon. It is a private public space. It is private enough that I can write anything, and public enough to possibly have it heard. So since this is as private as my shower here it goes. This jackass person is being a pain in the ass. My whole day has been wasted thinking and talking about this. However, good things do come out of anger and stress. I took two old canvases and stuck them together. Painted over my old painting and started a new one. It’s been going geat so far. If I finish it today, I’ll post it up.
The old painting on the canvases was a failed project. I tend to associate physical entities with love and emotion. These are often things that I associate with my nostalgic memories of love. They include places, instruments, trees, certain perfumes, cowboy boats, glasses, etc. Now imagine an artwork that was an abstraction of a trumpet, a sad women(me), deep woods, Fahrenheit brand cologne, the face of Charlie Chaplin, etc….the art work was a disaster so were my past love life