تورونتويی ها تظاهرات جلوی کنسولگری اسراييل فردا يادتون نره (اگر بدونيد چه پدری از آدم هايی که پشت اجازه گرفتن از شهرداری و پليس برای اين تظاهرات ها هستند در می آد!)
دوستان خيلی خوب و انسان های شريفی که در گروه زنان يهودی بر عليه اشغال فلسطين و خانه فلسطين هستند برگزار کننده های اين برنامه هستند.
همه کانادايی ها از اين آبروريزی امروز کانادا در UNHRDC بسيار شرمنده اند جز اين پدر سگ های نشنال پست که جشن گرفت اند برای اين اقدام بسيار سلحشورانه کانادا. خودتان بخوانيد.


Date: Friday Jan. 25
Time: 5pm
Place: Israeli Consulate at 180 Bloor St. West

At approximately 8pm on Sunday, January 20th, the Gaza Strip power plant ran out of fuel and shut down, plunging the Gaza Strip into darkness. The closure of the Gaza power plant, in addition to Israel's continuing tightened siege of the Gaza Strip, will have a catastrophic effect on the 1.5 million residents of Gaza, who are already suffering chronic shortages of fuel, medicine and some basic food stuffs.

After months of increasingly harsh sanctions, Israel imposed a total closure on the Strip's border crossings, even preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid. Meanwhile the Israeli armyGaza, demolishing homes, factories and agricultural land and carrying out arrests. In the week of Jan 10 –16 alone, the Israeli military killed 26 Palestinians, and wounded 44 others in Gaza. Fatal bombing raids continue, killing Palestinian men, women and children. United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, John Dugard said "Gaza is a prison and Israel seems to have thrown away the key."

Israel is counting on our apathy to see how far they can go on starving the people of Gaza – so we need to act, be loud and clear – that the collective punishment of Palestinians is a crime against humanity.
continues its attacks on the imprisoned Palestinian people of

Come out to this picket – Stand with the people of Gaza!

Toronto picket organized by Palestine House in conjunction with the Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation weekly Friday pickets.

Endorsed by: Canadian Arab Federation (CAF), Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid

To endorse this emergency picket please email:

To date, IOF have closed all border crossings to the Gaza Strip for almost 18 months continuously. The total siege imposed by IOF on the Gaza Strip has had a disastrous impact on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, and has violated the economic and social rights of the Palestinian civilian population, particularly their rights to appropriate living conditions, health and education. It has also paralyzed most economic sectors. Furthermore, severe restrictions have been imposed on the movement of the Palestinian civilian population. The siege of the Gaza Strip has severely impacted the flow of food, medical supplies and other necessities, such as fuel, construction materials and raw materials for various economic sectors. After the Hamas' takeover of Gaza in June 2007, IOF further tightened the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, and the living and economic conditions of Palestinian civilians in Gaza have subsequently deteriorated. On 19 September 2007, the Israeli government declared the Gaza Strip "A hostile entity" and measures of collective punishment against the civilian population of Gaza escalated from this point. Since September 2007, the Israeli Government have severely limited the goods exported to the Gaza Strip to just nine basic materials. Consequently, local markets have run out of many goods, causing sharp increases in prices, which in some cases have amounted to 500%. . 69 is the death toll in the Gaza strip due to lack of medical drugs or due to Israel preventing patients from leaving for medical treatment.

. ZERO will be the stock balance of 360 basic drugs at the Ministry of Health stores in Gaza by February 2008
due to the Israeli siege
. ZERO is the stock balance of 60 blood bank supplies and lab materials at the Ministry of Health in Gaza due to the Israeli siege
. 624 students are prevented from leaving Gaza to their universities due to the Israeli siege.
. 900 workers lost their jobs in the light drinks factories alone due to the Israeli siege on Gaza
. 25,000 workers lost their jobs in the textile sector due to the Israeli siege on Gaza
. 6,000 workers lost their jobs in the furniture factories in Gaza due to the Israeli siege
. 120,000 workers lost their jobs inside the green line due to the Israeli siege on Gaza